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creators, artists, dreamers, builders & innovators joined together in Los Angeles, CA
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March 25 - 29, 2024

NFTLA Community Week

At the Heart is Co-Creation

At the center of it all, the very heart of NFT LA Community Week, was a mission to create a place in space and time that curates meaningful co-creation.

Together, we shared an experiential celebration of all things at the edge of Web3 and its diverse culture.

From art, music, fashion, epic parties, entertainment, tech, and just good ol' fashion collaboration, it was a place for people from all around the world to come together to create something fun and impactful.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to make NFTLA Community Week as epic as it was!

Wednesday | March 27


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NFT LA Community Week spans the whole week and is anchored by the special Curiosity Circus gathering on 3/27.

NFT LA Stage
Fireside chats, panel discussions, film screening
Expo Booths & Activations
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Interactive Arcade & Attractions
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Networking at the Bar and Food Trucks
​Check out the Phaver lounge for complimentary drinks and surprises

Builders be building.

NFT LA returned as a special celebration and an inclusive week of community events throughout LA.

Check out what we had going at NFTLA Community Week.

Monday | March 25

Meta Monday: LAFW x #NFTLA

​​Get ready to dive into the future of fashion with a digital twist at Meta Monday: LAFW x NFTLA!

​Join us where the worlds of Los Angeles Fashion Week and Web3 collide. Hosted by Hive's fabulous Bee Davies and Paris Holland along with the Hollo crew at the Famecast Creator Brand Accelerator in Santa Monica, this is your exclusive invite to explore the cutting-edge intersection of style and technology.

Wednesday | March 27

​NFT LA Curiosity Circus

Join us on March 27th from 4:00 - 11:00 PM PST at Two Bit Circus to play, learn, co-create and party with the most creative community in Web3.

Check out the Lounge for complimentary drinks and surprises and tune into the fireside chats ad panels at the NFT LA Stage.

Thursday | March 28

IRL Alpha: #NFTLA Community Week

​​LIVE! Web3 Art Tech Culture AI & More!​

An interactive panel with rotating guests and an audience armed with microphones too!​

Bring your spicy takes IRL or you can participate on the live chat!

Thursday | March 28

VIP: Venice Innovator Party #NFTLA Community Week Event

​​Join us for a beautiful evening. The market's bullish turn promises a night of vibrant conversations, and genuine connection.

Mingle with the community's brightest as we unveil a revolutionary announcement set to redefine the NFT landscape.

Celebrate the future with us, under the bright lights, and be part of the next big leap forward.

Friday | March 29

Ordinals LA: Exclusive Event Bridging Bitcoin & Ethereum Communities


Bitcoin is taking over LA and painting the town orange!

Join us for the biggest ordinal event in LA...ever!

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NFT | LA is an integrated conference experience: an epic IRL conference fused with an immersive Metaverse integrations and L.A's robust nightlife scene. Explore the city of angels and journey into its new role as a global conduit for the adoption of web3 in of sports, music, art, and entertainment.

NFTLA | irl

The core conference event itinerary is designed to spark your curiosity with high-level talks, jaw-dropping performances, news-breaking announcements, educational breakouts, NFT galleries and auctions, and plenty of LA vibes.

NFTLA | night

Who goes to the conference just for the conference? Getting curious, connected, and creative is half of the experience. That's why every night of NFT | LA will now officially be  official.

NFTLA | meta

Can't make it to the live event? We've gone well past streaming and built NFT | LA in the metaverse. From the speakers talks to the nightlife DJs, if it's irl its  probably meta too.

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"'s absolutely priceless. I encourage you, if you weren't able to attend NFT LA last year, put it on your to-do list for their upcoming events. It will change your life and change your career."
- NFT LA Attendee

March 29 - 30, 2022 at the Wisdome Art Park
Explore Events

​NFT LA Curiosity Circus » March 27th

Two Bit Circus

Join us on March 27th from 4:00 - 11:00 PM PST at Two Bit Circus to play, learn, co-create and party with the most creative community in Web3.


What is NFT LA Community Week?

NFT LA Community Week is a decentralized week of web3 events taking place throughout Los Angeles from March 25-29, 2024. Participate in an art showcase, a thought-provoking panel, a deep-dive workshop, and as many parties as you can handle. Better yet, host your own experience and create something truly unique.

What will you create during NFT LA Community Week?

Why should you attend this event?

Community Empowerment: NFT LA Community Week emphasizes community empowerment by allowing individuals to host their own shows.
Networking Opportunities: You get the chance to connect with a wide range of professionals, artists, developers, and enthusiasts in the NFT and web3 community. This networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and the exchange of ideas.
Educational Value: NFT LA Community Week is likely to feature a variety of shows, discussions, and presentations covering the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the NFT and web3 space. Gain valuable insights and stay informed about the rapidly evolving industry.
Celebration of Culture: This event provides a platform for showcasing the diverse and dynamic culture of the NFT community. Immerse yourself in the unique experiences, art, and innovations that define this space.

Who attends NFT LA Community Week?

Blockchain and NFT Enthusiasts: People passionate about blockchain technology, NFTs, and the decentralized web3 ecosystem.

Artists and Creators: Digital artists, content creators, and innovators looking to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals.

Developers: Those interested in the technical aspects of blockchain and web3 development, seeking opportunities for collaboration and learning.

Investors and Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to explore investment opportunities or start ventures within the NFT and web3 space.

Community Builders: Those interested in actively participating in and contributing to a decentralized event that values community involvement and creativity.

Where can I see the schedule or agenda?

The NFT | LA team is hard at work scheduling with all the incredible speakers, however, this is no small task! We are nearing a final agenda and will be releasing it ASAP. Stay tuned by signing up to our mailing list!

How can I get involved?

Getting involved in NFT LA Community Week is a straightforward process, and there are several ways you can participate:

1. Host Your Own Show: Express your creativity by hosting your own event or show during NFT LA Community Week. Whether it's an art exhibition, a panel discussion, a workshop, or a demonstration of your NFT project, this is an opportunity to share your passion and insights with the community.

2. Attend Events: If hosting isn't your preference, attend the shows and events organized by other community members. This allows you to network, learn from others, and immerse yourself in the diverse experiences offered during the week.

3. Sponsorship: Fuel innovation and put your brand center stage, by becoming a sponsor for NFT LA Community Week's anchor event, scheduled for Wednesday, March 27, 2024. Or choose from our dynamic sponsorship packages for prime visibility and exclusive access. Your brand becomes a key player in shaping the narrative of this cutting-edge experience. So, join us in celebrating innovation and leaving an indelible mark on the NFT and web3 landscape. This is an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

4. Spread the Word: Help promote the event by sharing information on your social media channels, within relevant communities, and among friends and colleagues. Increased visibility attracts more participants and makes the event more vibrant.


What if the event is canceled?

You will have an option to hold onto your ticket for a rescheduled date, or receive a full refund.  

Where can I buy tickets?
Can I buy my tickets via crypto?

Crypto payments can be accommodated for 5 or more tickets. Please email

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I'm coming from out of town, where is the best location to stay? Are there Hotel deals?

The main event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center while local areas around Los Angeles will host other parts of the event.  There will be many festivities throughout the week with Downtown Los Angeles being the epicenter.  

You can find a list of hotel partners and travel resources on our Details and Travel Page.

Where is Outer Edge being held at?

Outer Edge | LA is taking place at LA Convention Center and LA Live — LA Live is a sports and entertainment district that surrounds Arena and Microsoft Theater, including the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Are there fun things to do before or after live speaker sessions?

Yes, of course! Outer Edge is being held at LA Live. There are plenty of restaurants, night life, and more — all within walking distance.

You can find a curated list of dining, activities and more here.

Will there be parking available?

Due to limited parking at LACC, we highly recommend using ride share services like Uber and Lyft.
Or, use public transportation! Take the Metro Blue or Expo Line to Pico Station, directly across from LACC. NFT LA will be held inside the West Hall building. To find the most convenient route for you, use the Metro Trip Planner.

Limited onsite parking is available at West Hall Garage, located on Pico Blvd between LA Live Way and Figueroa St.  

West Hall Garage Address: 945 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

More details can be found here.

Parking should be $20* per day. No re-entry. Overnight parking is not allowed.
*Subject to change with nearby activity.

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Mobile App

Do I need the app to attend the event?

The app is not required to attend, although it will be useful to help speed up the check-in process and allow you to take full advantage of the conference experience. 

Where can I get the app?

The Outer Edge mobile experience is available on Android and iOS
iOS - Download App

What data is the app collecting?

The app is not storing any data outside of your basic profile and ticket information. If you use our NFT camera then we will access your camera and any photos you give us permission to upload. The messaging is powered by Matrix is an open standard for secure, decentralized, real-time communication.

What are conference rewards?

All registered app users will have a chance to win a T3 Wire.Network node as well as other NFTs. To participate you simply need to download the app and create your account. We will award one person a T3 Wire.Network node valued at $10,000.

How does an attendee know that their account in the app is tied to their ticket vs a free app account?

If you did not purchase a ticket to the event, you will not be let into the full app experience. If you purchased a ticket, you will be prompted to register with the same email you purchased your ticket with.

What if I need support?

There is a button you can click in the app to reach out to the development team for hands on support if you run into any problems.

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