Introducing the web3 Innovation Forum | Pre-Apply for 2025
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NFTLA COMMUNITY WEEK REturned | March 25 - 29th, 2024
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Join us in celebrating the Outer Edge of possibility across the globe.

together with 20k+ investors, dreamers, builders & experts.

Curiosity, Community, and Co-Creation Globally

The Outer Edge shines on innovation near & far, both IRL & digitally, powered by the media presence of Edge of NFT & Edge of AI.

Edge of Company also supports and co-creates with other events globally. Expand your horizons with unique experiences at impactful gatherings around the world where you'll either find us hosting, creating media, or just vibing.

Find us at:

July 25-27
Bitcoin Nashville
August 9-11
August 13-14
September 1-7
Korea Blockchain Week
September 18-19
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
November 12-15
Q3 & Q4 2024
More Events TBD

Stay tuned for more details...

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