Our Impact

We're taking action towards a Greener Future.

Below are a few of the initiatives we've put in place to do our part.


No single use plastic bottles will be sold during the Outer Edge | LA Event. Only aluminum cans will be at the concession stands for sale. 


Refillable Water Stations have been installed throughout the Los Angeles Convention Center with recycled cups.


We have also ramped up our Vegan food options offered during the Outer Edge | LA Event. 


Each Outer Edge | LA Ticket now includes an Outer Edge 2023 Bomber Jacket!

We are happy to collaborate with DRESSX, the leader in digital fashion and wearable utilities for NFTs, to offer this exclusive Augmented Reality NFT to our guests.

DRESSX started its journey in Digital Fashion to make the fashion industry more sustainable, after observing that 15% of fashion was consumed for digital content creation only, and that one digital fashion garment emits 97% less Carbon footprint to produce than the physical one.

This is why we partnered with DRESSX, the leader in digital fashion and wearable utilities for NFTs, to offer an exclusive digital wearable to all Outer Edge LA 2023 ticket holders.

Mint your Outer Edge 2023 Bomber Jacket today!!

Calculate your

Carbon Footprint

Did you know that travel is responsible for more than 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is a major contributor to climate change? As part of our green efforts this year, we’ve partnered up with Stand For Trees to help bring awareness to the climate impact of attendees traveling near and far to Outer Edge | LA. 

Calculate your travel footprint in just a few easy steps and help save tropical forests home to incredible nature, rich cultures, and iconic wildlife. Then get back to the conference, with a clean conscience.

All ticket holders to Outer Edge LA will receive the Mangrove Seedling NFT airdopped to help offset your carbon footprint. 

Our Impact Partners

Live Out Live

Live Out Live Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides skills, exposure and opportunities for Black, Latinx and other underrepresented teens and young adults seeking to pursue careers in live entertainment. They provide internships, workshops and mentorships programs and connect participants to opportunities in the live entertainment world.  Their youth have signed up to be volunteers with us for Outer Edge LA 2023!!


Impact NFT

Impact NFTs are designed to fund positive social, cultural, sustainable development or environmental impact. They act as digital assets for recording and enumerating impact actions in the physical world.

The ImpactNFT Connect +, brings together members and supporters both locally and online. Each event has unique subjects or features that are either instructional or deliver local effect in the community in addition to the networking opportunity. 

"Shout Art Project" was a one-week-long mini-festival that included ESG, Meet-the-Artists presentations, and NFT performances.

A 3D virtual reality experience Africarare is set in Ubuntuland. Creators and developers can trade in-world resources like land, avatars, avatar upgrades, and other commodities and services that are offered in Ubuntu Land on the Africarare market.

To know about more causes which ImpactNFT endorses, visit  https://www.impactnft.org/



HUG is an inclusive initiative for artists and collectors, founded by Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon. HUG provides a platform for artists to create a custom artist profile, where they can showcase their art and are open for commission work. 

HUG Studio programs in another initiative of HUG, which provides strategic guidance and mentorship to businesses and emerging web3 creators.



Fundation makes it easier for NGOs to improve transparency, and track social impact of every transaction; designing a new ecosystem that puts humanity, social impact and effectiveness back in the first place, and ultimately makes charities fully charitable while creating a true community of donors who will be rewarded and proud to share their experience.Fundation tailor its solutions to support United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, leveraging blockchain technology. 

The Marketplace can be accessed for more information. 


Flowers Girls NFT

Flower Girls NFT is a unique flower girls collection by the artist Varvara Alay using over 950 hand-drawn elements which celebrate the beauty, purity, and diversity of women's facial features.

Flowers Girls NFT donates 20% of primary and secondary sales royalties to children's charities such as St. Jude Children's Hospital, Malala Fund, Pencils of Promise, and many others, with donations well over $600,000.

Flower Girls NFT has established Flowers Girls Art Fund to collect children’s NFT art. Using its 5% of primary and secondary sales royalties; it has raised over $170,000, enabling them to collect 764 artworks from 147 artists in 43 countries. 

The collection can be seen on Opensea.



DRESSX started its journey in Digital Fashion to make the fashion industry more sustainable, after observing that 15% of fashion was consumed for digital content creation only, and that one digital fashion garment emits 97% less Carbon footprint to produce than the physical one.

Did you know 5% of fashion is consumed for digital content creation only?

And that one digital fashion garment emits 97% less Carbon footprint to produce than the physical one?

This is why we partnered with DRESSX, the leader in digital fashion and wearable utilities for NFTs, to offer an exclusive digital wearable to all Outer Edge LA 2023 ticket holders.


B Generous

B Generous gives people the financial freedom through Donate Now, Pay Later, to donate to nonprofits. Through the Donate Now, Pay Later program, B Gneerous offers donors interest-free money to donate to their favorite nonprofits. 

There are more than 1.7 million nonprofits listed on B Generous. B Generous also makes it easier for non profits to enroll on its website. Created a partnership with MINTNFT where the auction raised $1M for artists in Africa.



The Aura Dogs are an idealistic animal punk group that uses Web3 marketing and funding platforms to promote their artistic and activist goals. Aura Dogs through its community and donations contribute to shelters for strays all over the world. As well as a partnership with the World Animal Foundation focused on saving elephants in Thailand.


All Star Code

All Star Code is a computer science education nonprofit focused on serving young people of color, providing them with skills to compete in the innovation economy. 

All Star Code recently announced the launch of its first NFT collection Coding The Future to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The collection is a limited edition with only 360 digital collectibles. 

All Star Code will host “Art Hackathons” for students to submit their creations. The unique and creative creations will be shown at the All Star Code 10-Year Anniversary Celebration in October 2023 in New York City. The digital collection will feature artwork from each of the graduating Scholar cohorts since 2014.  Find out more here


The Giving Block Social Impact

The Giving Block is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping other nonprofits accept donations in cryptocurrency. Founded in 2018, the organization provides a range of services, including setting up cryptocurrency wallets, creating donation pages, and providing technical support. 

The Giving Block makes it easy for nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations, and promotes the use of cryptocurrency for social good. As per The Giving block, the total donation volume on The Giving Block in 2021 was $69.64 million. The donation of NFT projects to charities via The Giving Block totaled to $12.3 million. 


Angel Alliance Social Impact

Angel Protocol generates social impact by leveraging decentralized finance to align a global community.

Angel Protocol with the help of the community has raised over $6 million dollars in donations to more than 160 charities, with $1.5M raised to fight climate change, $500k in humanitarian relief for those impacted by Typhoon Rai, and over $200k to support Ukrainian refugees.

Angel Protocol recently donated funds to FoodBankCo who delivered 2500 kg of rice to families, elders and disabled individuals in East and North Bali.

Angel Protocol with the support of Yellow Boat of Hope, completed the repair of three classrooms of the adopted school in Siargao island, Philippine. 

Angel Protocol supports Sowe.se, who provide essential money to women in Uganda to change lives. More details about the social impact causes and how to donate can be found on Angel protocol. 



Bridging the Gap is a women-led social enterprise which brings together young change makers from around the world for a solution-oriented and a more connected world.

YOUNGA is the global festival for impact which is organized by BridgingtheGap Ventures.YOUNGA uses mixed reality to unite young people with decision-makers to co-create solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable world during the United Nations Decade of Action from 2020 to 2030.

Bridging the Gap recently launched the BTGx social token to educate young people on the utility of web3 and demonstrate how these emerging technologies can be used to drive global impact. The token is designed to empower, reward and fund youth-led impact. You can start earning the BTGx social token easily by creating a free account. No prior web3 knowledge or digital wallets are required to start. 


K12 Crypto

K12 Crypto enables students to earn reserve-backed stablecoins & other digital assets during their educational journey.  Individual students can explore learn-to-earn curriculum on our platform, and schools can integrate K12 Crypto to unlock additional learner rewards & incentivize value-aligned metrics important to their particular communities.  Students take full custody of their time-locked wallets upon graduation.



Movember is a global charity organization for men's health that raises awareness and funds for research, and support programs. The organization focuses on men's mental health, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Movember has raised over $1.5 billion in funding since its inception.

In 2022, Movember launched the first NFT to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in April. The collection was designed by MISHKA NYC. The Non-Fungible-Testicals NFTs was launched with the aim to spread awareness around the risk of testicular cancer. The collection can be seen on Opensea.



Howl is a marketing communications and creative agency. Our services cater to companies in the Web3, DeFi, NFT, gaming, consumer goods, and entertainment industries.


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