Outer Edge Land Grant Applications

At the heart of Outer Edge is a mission to Co-Create the future together.

To this end, we’re opening up dedicated space, inside the LA Convention Center, for communities and brands to build their very own experience to share with the greater Web3 community.

We’ve divided this dedicated space into parcels called 'Land Grants'. We're opening up Land Grant applications below for brands, creators, artists, communities, companies, frens, or anyone with a unique and exciting idea.

The Creators—those approved for a Land Grant—will have the ability to build an 'Outpost' on their Land Grant.

Outposts are community built, unique activations that inspire, unite and involve the greater Web3 community. Whether it's art, music, fashion, epic events, entertainment, workshops, tech, or just a good ol' fashion collaboration, each Outpost will be a place the Web3 community can come together to enjoy a unique experience and make an impact.
Outer Edge Experience Land Grant Application #1